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GENESIS Professional Organizers - Client Testimonials

GENESIS Professional Organizers - Client Testimonials
We have great regard for the impressions we leave with our clients and the opinions they have about us. Below are a few examples of what our clients are saying to us.


"[She] bubbled about you for three days and is still bubbling. You have so inspired my son, he is cleaning the absolutely awful garage"
Susan - Benevolent Mother-in-Law


"You were inspirational - should see the rest of the house! I've not stopped… desk, dvd/movie cabinet, laundry room, master bath, [kid's] bath, etc."
Amy, Residential Organization


"[The kids] loved it. She actually cried when she walked into the guest room. It was a wonderful surprise for the whole family"
Susan, Benevolent Mother-in-Law


"I can't tell you how silly and giddy I am in mykitchen and pantry these days. Your work is so appreciated"
Nicole, Residential Organization


"Thanks for your muscles and inspiration! The room is beautiful, even with 30-year-old carpet and 20-year-old paint! Couldn't have done it without you"
Mary, Residential Organization: Home Office

"I truly feel like it is a new beginning of working better and smarter since you and your company took on the assignment of organizing my office and finding a 'home" for all my stuff. I would highly recommend GPO to anyone who is looking for a professional organizer that gets the job done. I feel happier now being a part of a select group who finally got organized. Thank you for your wonderful help in getting me organized… I'm looking forward to staying that way"
Mr. Turner, Residential Organization

"[Her] home in looking really good. She and I have been applying what you have taught us in organizing the clutter. [My son] is a happy husband"
Susan, Residential Client

"Working with Dina was great. The project actually got completed! If I had done it by myself, it never would have been finished. It is much easier to work in our new office because everything has a home and is clutter free"
Commercial Business

"Amazing!!!! My office is so beautiful! After years of embarrassment, I can finally welcome customers into my office and actually be proud to have them witness such organization! I now LOOK FORWARD to coming to work in the mornings!"
Amy - Business Owner

"When Dina came to organize the choir office, I was so surprised that after about an hour of walking through the office and discussing what Diana does, she felt like she had a grasp of Diana's responsibilities and office needs. By that evening, we received a well written and concise proposal describing exactly what she planned to do, a projected time-line, and a list of items that would need to be purchased. I still had my doubts that we could get the project done as quickly as she predicted, but she really stuck to her time schedule and very quickly we were able to turn an office that was in chaos into a beautiful and functional office. Due to everyone's busy schedules, the project was spaced out over a week, but upon the completion of each day's activities, Dina purposely left the office in a state that Diana could still work easily. I have watched Diana over the past month and she seems to be having no problem keeping things where they belong - and this is a VERY busy month for her at our church! That to me shows that Dina really grasped what needed to be done to the office so that Diana could work efficiently. Dina was also very considerate of the cost of the project and kept the costs down to what she had predicted in her earlier proposal.

I do and will continue to recommend Genesis Professional Organization to anyone I talk to that complains about a messy office, house, closets, garage, etc.! Thanks for what you did for the church, Dina!"
Carol - Church Volunteer

"Dina, I loved what you did with my office. I am such a busy person with a full time job, school, and two toddlers! I have really had a hard time keeping up with life. I can not express in words just how much a difference it made to be organized again. I never had the time to take the time to organize. You made it easy in just the few short hours that I could give to organizing my office. People are always asking me now' "Wow! How do you do it?" I pass on your business card!"
Diana - Children's Ministry Coordinator

"Having Dina organize my office has helped me immensely, both personally and professionally. The organizing process was nearly painless, and Dina gave me a lot of helpful information that I know will help me stay organized. Most of all, it was great working with Dina; she has such a positive attitude and even made it fun."
Pam - Residential Client

"I'm sure there are days when you wonder if you make a difference. Please be assured that you really do. If I didn't know that you were coming to help me, I would be under the covers with my head buried. I'm motivated when you come and while some of it is still hard it would be impossible without you".
Carol - Residential Client


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